Why Regular Dental Cleanings Are So Important


Sure your busy and your teeth look and feel okay. Even so, your twice yearly visit to the dentist for a professional cleaning and checkup is essential to your long-term oral health. Scott Evans, DDS of Straight Teeth Orthodontics explains five key reasons why.

1. DYI only goes so far

Even if you’re religious about brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day, you can’t eliminate all of the debris that hides between your teeth and other hard to reach spots. That requires the professional instrumentation and techniques of a dental hygienist.

Left to fester, that debris turns to plaque build up, then hardens into tartar, which is extremely difficult to get rid of without professional help.

Worse still, plaque and tartar cause cavities and gum disease. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Beyond tooth loss, advanced plaque that spreads below the gum line can deteriorate the supporting bone in your jaw.

2. Detect problems early

Many oral problems don’t cause pain until they’re serious, and costly to repair. At regular checkups, Dr. Evans checks for cavities, which rarely give any warning signs as they form. He also looks for signs of shifting alignment and receding gums. An oral cancer screening is also crucial. Like most cancers, caught early, oral cancer is more easily treated.

In addition, regular x-rays are taken to reveal any potential problems below the gumline. X-rays can detect issues such as impacted wisdom teeth, jawbone damage, bone decay, or tumors,

3. Save money

Routine checkups and cleanings are less expensive than the alternative, the need for restorative treatments such as fillings, deep cleanings, crowns, surgery, or medication.

4. Keep your smile bright and fresh

Drinking can stain your teeth. A professional dental cleaning can remove built-up stains caused by dark colored foods and drinks like coffee, tea, and wine and blueberries. Also, good oral hygiene is one of the best ways to prevent chronic bad breath.

5. Invest in your overall health

Many studies have shown a connection between oral and overall health. This includes diseases, like heart disease and stroke.

If it’s time for your next dental cleaning, call Dr. Evans at Straight Teeth Orthodontics to schedule an appointment at one of our two Dallas locations.

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