My Kid Hates Brushing Their Teeth. Now What?


Every kid is unique, and they all have their preferences. Some love romping around, while others can’t stand being sticky. Some love trains and some love dogs. You get the idea.

Similarly, kids have strong feelings about what they don’t like. They may hate broccoli or math. And they might hate brushing their teeth. 

If your child doesn’t like brushing their teeth, bringing them to the dentist can seem like a nightmare. We’re here to help. Scott Evans, DDS, specializes in family dentistry, which means he and the rest of our team are experienced in helping kids feel comfortable and keeping their oral health on track. 

For support in your mission to keep your child’s mouth healthy, you can visit us in the University Park neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. We also want to help you at home, so we teed up the following tips. Here are a few things you can do if your kid hates brushing their teeth. 

Talk it out

First, it’s a good idea to try and figure out why the toothbrushing is such an issue. Ask your child what they don’t like about it. You might find that it’s something you can easily change, like the flavor of their toothpaste. 

This conversation doesn’t need to be one-way, either. While you’re on the topic, use the opportunity to explain to your child that tooth decay is a serious problem that’s really common in kids. Tell them that if they don’t brush their teeth, their mouth can start to hurt, they could get cavities, and their teeth could even fall out. 

Make it fun

Play your kid’s favorite song while they brush. Grab your toothbrush and make it a team activity, brushing together so your child understands taking care of your teeth is a good habit for life. 

Let your child pick out their own toothbrush — at the store and at home. Having a few colorful toothbrushes in use at any given time means your child can choose the one they want to use for that morning or night from the arsenal. 

Look for ways to make the experience one where your child can have fun. Helping them feel in control can go a long way here. 

Leverage the tooth fairy

You’ve got a powerful player in your corner here. If the refusal to brush their teeth continues, put a note on the bathroom mirror from the tooth fairy. Inform them that if they don’t brush their teeth, the tooth fairy won’t leave money under their pillow. 

Visit your dentist

You probably tell your kids that lots of things are important, from washing their hands to eating vegetables. Tooth brushing might feel like just another item on the list.

Here at our offices, Dr. Evans can explain to your child why keeping their mouth healthy is so important. Hearing it from someone who isn’t a parent can help to drive the point home. 

For support in cleaning your child’s teeth and boosting their oral health, call our office at 214-337-5202 to schedule an appointment today.

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