Help! My Teeth Are Yellow


Walk down the oral care aisle of any supermarket or pharmacy, and you’ll see countless products promising you a whiter smile. But those toothpastes, mouthwashes, and whitening kits come with risks, from gum irritation and tooth sensitivity to uneven whitening results. 

That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with yellow teeth, though. It just means that if you want the best results possible, you should talk with Dr. Scott Evans. Here at our office in the University Park area of Dallas, Texas, he offers two different forms of professional teeth whitening

You can get the bright, dazzling smile you want in the way that’s most convenient for you. We offer in-office and take-home teeth whitening options. Let’s look at each so you can figure out which is right for you. 

In-office whitening

Your teeth look yellower when your enamel — the hard, white outer coating on your teeth — gets stained. When you eat and drink foods high in acid, stains can penetrate your enamel. At that point, you won’t be able to brush them away.

But here at our office, Dr. Evans uses a professional-strength whitening gel that’s powerful enough to break up those stains. We let it sit on your teeth for an hour to allow it to penetrate as deeply as those superficial stains, giving you the whitest smile possible.

Plus, we use a special guard that keeps your lips away from your teeth while the gel goes to work. This prevents the gel from being disturbed, giving you even, consistent results. 

With in-office whitening, you walk into our office, you sit comfortably for an hour while the treatment does its job, and you leave with a noticeably whiter smile. We usually recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned prior to whitening for optimal results. 

At-home teeth whitening

If you want the convenience of an at-home option but want to avoid the risks of store-bought whitening kits, Dr. Evans offers professional whitening kits you can use on your own. 

With this option, he custom-molds the whitening trays so they fit precisely in your mouth. This allows the professional-strength gel to evenly reach all of your tooth’s surfaces and also protect your gums. As a result, you get more even, more dramatic results than you could achieve with store-bought kits. 

Keeping your teeth white

Once you achieve your desired level of brightness, we want to help you keep your smile that way. With biannual teeth cleanings, we can clear away plaque and tartar, helping to prevent enamel damage that can make your teeth look yellower. 

We can also set you up with touch-up whitening treatments. If you choose in-office whitening, we might recommend at-home whitening touch-ups to maintain your results, for example.

For a white smile that lasts, call Scott Evans, DDS, at 214-337-5202 today.

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