Boost Your Confidence With A Smile Makeover

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When you enter a room and flash a smile, you communicate an amazing amount of information in that one split second. And that information will shape your interactions from then on. So if you want that split second to exude confidence, vitality, and energy, a smile makeover is just the ticket.

Here at Straight Teeth Orthodontics, Dr. Scott Evans and our team of dental experts work together to give patients in Dallas the tools they need to light up a room with a winning smile. From pearly whites to straighter teeth, your smile can leave an impression that lasts.

Here’s a look at how you can boost your confidence with a smile makeover.

That winning, white smile

There’s a reason a great smile is called a “winning” smile — in fact there are several. In a three-part study by P&G, the results showed that a smile full of bright, white teeth made an incredible difference in how participants perceived the personal and financial success of the subjects.

For example, 58% of the subjects were more likely to be hired, and 53% were more likely to be paid more once they did away with their discolored teeth through whitening. On the social side of the equation, 54% of the study’s evaluators were more likely to extend a date after the participant’s teeth had been whitened.

These numbers illustrate what many of us already know from our own personal experiences: The most confident smile in the world is no match for discolored, yellowing teeth, which detract considerably from the impression you’re trying to make.

Thankfully, the fix is relatively easy and one of the fastest ways you can make over your smile. We offer professional in-office whitening that can dramatically whiten your teeth in just one visit. We also offer take-home kits that will whiten your teeth more gradually.

If you want to get white teeth while also covering up small imperfections like chips and gaps, veneers provide a solution for these issues and more. When we place these whiter “shells” over the fronts of your teeth, we can transform your smile into one that features beautifully white teeth that appear whole and healthy.

Straighten up

Another key way to improve your smile is through straightening. Studies show that people with straight teeth are perceived to be more successful, better off financially, and 57% more likely to get a date than those with crooked teeth. In fact, this same study, which was conducted by Kelton Research for Invisalign®, found that 38% of participants might not go on a second date with someone with less-than-straight teeth.

Like it or not, straight teeth matter when it comes to how the world perceives you. So, whether you’ve got a pre-teen just starting to make their way in society, or you’re looking to correct your own alignment problems, our Invisalign straightening system is the perfect solution. These near-invisible aligners move your teeth gradually, and the aligners work as well as traditional braces, with the added bonus that they’re removable for eating and cleaning.

If you’d like more traditional metal or ceramic braces, we have those, as well. In just a year or two, we can give you a reason to smile with confidence, showing off your perfectly straight line of teeth.

In addition to whitening and straightening, you may want to consider dental implants, crowns, and bridges as part of your smile makeover, because missing teeth can do a lot to undermine your confidence in your smile.


If you’d like to explore how we can make over your smile, please give us a call or use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment.

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