9 Dentist-Approved Tips to Keep Your Smile Happy and Healthy


Your smile is a central part of your identity. One of the main aspects of your physical appearance that makes you who you are. When you meet someone new, your smile is often the first thing they’ll notice. In pictures, your smile is what makes you stand out. It’s also a key component of how people will remember you. In essence, your smile makes you, you. So naturally, you want yours to be as bright, white, and pretty as possible. And you know the basics. You know that you should be brushing your teeth after meals – at least twice a day. You know you should be flossing at least one time a day. You also know you should be avoiding acidic foods and beverages. But beyond that? What can you do to maintain a white smile and a healthy mouth? No matter what you’re trying to do; whether you’re looking to whiten up your teeth for a hot date or if you’re just trying to avoid unnecessary trips to the dentist in the future, this post is for you.

Without further ado, here are ten ways to maintain a healthier mouth.

1. Brush Properly: You’ve been brushing your teeth since you could walk, you know how to brush properly… right? Not so fast, brushing your pearly whites is a bit more complicated than we give credit for. You want to position the bristles at a 45-degree angle near the gum line and brush using a back-and-forth, up-and-down motion. You also want to make sure you brush gentle enough, so you don’t irritate your gums and cause them to bleed.

2. Avoid Acids: One of the easiest and best ways to promote a healthier mouth is to avoid acidic, sugary beverages. Acids tend to eat away at your teeth directly after making contact with them and over time can lead to tooth decay and cavities. Even if you’re brushing after meals, acids can still have a negative effect on the health of your teeth.

3. Tongue Scraping: Tongue scraping is one of the most overlooked aspects of dental hygiene. While very few of us do it, it’s one of the best ways to rid your mouth of bacteria and improve your breath. Try scraping the back and front of your tongue after brushing your teeth each morning and night to see the difference the simple habit can make.

4. Limit Tannins: If whiter teeth are your goal, you need to limit your consumption of popular tannins like coffee, tea, and wine. These dark substances tend to bind to your teeth and leave their mark. One possible workaround is to use a straw so the substance can bypass your teeth without staining your precious pearly whites.

5. Floss Regularly: Every trip to the dentist follows a similar storyline. As soon as you get into the chair and open your mouth, your dentist asks if you’ve been flossing, before you bashfully admit you’ve been neglecting to do just that. But despite what you might think, flossing is critical to a happy mouth and reaches places in your mouth that your toothbrush nor mouthwash can get to.

6. Infuse Vitamins: Your teeth are bones. And just like your other bones, they need a specific infusion of vitamins to be as strong and healthy as possible. Specifically, the two most important vitamins when it comes to your teeth and gums are calcium and vitamin D. In addition, vitamin B complex, copper, zinc, iodine, iron, and potassium are all important to maintaining proper dental hygiene.

7. Rinse With Mouthwash: Rinsing your mouth out with mouthwash is one of the best ways to banish bad breath. But it’s also an effective way to remove bacteria, make your teeth stronger, and help you avoid dental conditions like gingivitis.

8. Use Protection: If you’re an athlete or just enjoy playing some friendly sports with your friends on the weekend, it’s important to protect your mouth. While you might not need the mouthguard every game, when you catch an elbow in the choppers you’ll be thankful you’re wearing protection.

9. Pay Attention: Even if you stay on top of your dental hygiene, things happen. Even if you’re brushing and flossing twice a day, your teeth could still develop cavities and other issues. It’s imperative you remain conscious of the health of your mouth and get any issues checked out as soon as they arise.


Need a dentist? No matter what your goals are for your mouth, we can help. Whether you want to brighten up your smile, you need to straighten your teeth, or you just want to get your mouth checked and squared away; reach out to us.

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