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Orthodontics Benefits

Orthodontic treatment involves using dental braces or appliances to properly align the teeth. Patients in Dallas, Irving, and the surrounding communities in Texas who have extremely crowded teeth can benefit from this type of treatment, which is performed by Dr. Scott Evans.

What are the benefits of orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment can help patients renew their self-esteem by giving them a healthier and more vibrant smile. In addition to improving your appearance, a number of other benefits of orthodontic treatment include the following:

  • Reduces the risk of periodontal disease
  • Makes chewing more comfortable
  • Makes teeth less likely to break off due to grinding
  • Facilitates good oral hygiene by making it easier to brush and floss teeth
  • Can reduce headaches and jaw pain
  • Improves digestion

Many people find that early orthodontic treatment is beneficial and can prevent the need for extensive dental work later, thereby saving them money. Those who live in Dallas, Irving, and the surrounding communities in Texas should contact Dr. Scott Evans to find out more.