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Extractions in Dallas, TX

Dr. Evans performs tooth extractions for patients in the Dallas, Texas area in need of this essential procedure.

What are Extractions?

Dental extractions refer to the pulling of one or more teeth that have severe decay and are beyond restoration. Dental extractions may also be performed to make room for adult teeth or to remove teeth that have been severely damaged due to injury.

Benefits of Extractions

The benefits to having extractions will largely depend on your reason for needing them in the first place. If the problem is a decayed tooth, having it extracted will prevent further damage and help eliminate discomfort. Pulling teeth can also provide more space in the mouth for other teeth to grow, thereby eliminating crowding.

Extractions Before & After

These before and after photographs show the mouths of real-life patients who had dental extractions performed. As you can see, extractions help eliminate damage and overcrowding, leading to better oral health. Not all patients will experience the same results as in these pictures.

How are Extractions Performed?

Using a local anesthetic, Dr. Evans will numb the area to be treated. If several teeth are being extracted at the same time, general anesthesia or “laughing gas” may also be administered.

Once the area is numb, he will then make a tiny incision in your gums in order to expose more of your tooth. Forceps are then placed on your teeth, and then “rocked” gently to remove the tooth.

Once it has been removed, gauze will be used to clot any bleeding that is present before stitching the wound shut. The entire procedure normally takes between 30 and 60 minutes, but can be longer if multiple teeth are being extracted.

Preparing for Extractions

Many times, tooth extractions are needed because the teeth are severely infected. If this is the case, antibiotics will be required in order to contain the infection prior to having an extraction. Dr. Evans may also prescribe toothache medication to make you more comfortable while you are waiting to have the procedure performed.

Extractions Recovery

It is important that you allow yourself to recover from the effects of anesthesia before driving home, particularly if you have been given laughing gas or general anesthesia. Your mouth may feel tender and sore for a few days, and salt may irritate it even further. For this reason, you should avoid eating salty foods for around three to four days afterwards.

How Much Do Extractions Cost?

Your orthodontic treatment is an investment that will last a lifetime. We work hard to keep costs affordable. Please see our financing page for insurance and payment information.

Are Extractions Right for Me?

You could benefit from extractions if:

  • You have one or more teeth with severe decay
  • Decayed teeth are causing you discomfort
  • You have extreme overcrowding

Why Choose Straight Teeth Orthodontics?

Dr. Scott Evans is more than just a cosmetic dentist, as he has also practiced general dentistry for more than 28 years. He will ensure your procedure goes as seamlessly as possible, providing you with expert care from start to finish.

 What to Expect During Your Consultation

The initial consultation is when Dr. Evans determines the extent of damage, which means that x-rays are usually required. During the consultation, he will also prescribe any medications that might be needed, and give you advice on how to brush and floss properly. You will be given a chance to ask questions and discuss payment information before scheduling the actual procedure.

If you have been wondering whether you need a tooth extraction, do not wait any longer. Contact us today to schedule your one-on-one appointment.