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Colored Ties in Dallas, TX

Colored ties are a unique way to make your braces fit your style and to add some “life” to your orthodontic care. Patients can choose from an array of colors to match their preferences. Patients in Dallas, Irving, and the surrounding communities in Texas who would like to add some zest to their treatment with braces can visit Dr. Scott Evans to learn more about colored ties.

What are colored ties?

Colored TiesColored ties may be the perfect solution for teenagers who require braces but want to add a touch of their own unique fashion sense. The ties, which are used to help shift teeth into proper alignment, are changed each month, meaning these teens can sport a different array of colors on a regular basis. Colored ties may be the answer parents need when trying to convince their teenager that braces are “cool.”

What are the advantages of colored ties?

  • The patient can choose new colors each month when they visit Dr. Evans for their regular adjustments and can choose colors to match holiday themes, their clothes, or school colors.
  • Colored ties allow teens to incorporate their own style into their orthodontic care.
  • This accessory may help make a teenager’s transition into braces a bit easier on their self-consciousness.

What are the disadvantages of colored ties?

  • Colored ties can only be used with ceramic braces.
  • The patient must be willing to adhere to a strict monthly maintenance regimen.

Now is the best time to add some fun and zest to your orthodontic treatment with braces, thanks to colored ties. Patients in Dallas, Irving, and the surrounding communities in Texas can visit Dr. Scott Evans at 214-506-0054.