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Braces in Dallas, TX

Crooked teeth are not only unattractive, but they’re also difficult to clean and maintain. Patients can experience increased tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth wear as a result of improperly aligned teeth. In some cases, jaw joints can become misaligned, which leads to a host of symptoms.

How do braces work?

Braces consist of brackets attached to the front surface of teeth and wires that thread through the brackets to exert gentle force for tooth movement. Patients can choose the color of their braces ties or go with clear ties for a less obtrusive look. Many advances have been made in orthodontics in recent years, and Dr. Evans is on top of modern solutions. He will become your consultant and adviser to help you make the best treatment decisions.
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How long will I have to wear braces?

Most people wear braces for 12-36 months, depending upon the complexity of the case and the patient’s growth rate. An exact treatment time can only be estimated. Patient compliance, meaning a patient’s willingness to do what is necessary for optimal results, is a big factor in orthodontic treatment. For instance, use of elastics (rubber bands) and headgear are important.

Patients in Dallas, Irving, and the surrounding communities in Texas trust their braces needs to Dr. Scott Evans. To become more familiar with orthodontics, please enjoy the following pages:

  • Interceptive Braces – Early treatment can improve orthodontic results later in life. Some patients need two phases of orthodontics for optimal results.
  • Ceramic Brackets – For a less visible option, ceramic brackets are harder to see than metal brackets. Image-conscious teenagers are often recommended ceramic brackets.
  • Metal Braces – Traditional metal braces are the most economical option for orthodontics. They’re also very efficient for patients in need of extensive orthodontic therapy.
  • Invisalign® – Invisalign® is a revolutionary new way of straightening teeth without the use of metal wires or brackets. It consists of a series of plastic trays that fit over the top of each row of teeth to move them into their proper position.
  • Colored Ties – Patients often choose brightly colored ties in school colors, seasonal colors, or favorite colors. We do not charge extra for the colors.
  • Retainers – Made of plastic and stainless steel, orthodontic retainers are custom made to fit into a patient’s mouth. They keep teeth in position after braces are removed. This post-treatment procedure helps gums and bone adjust to the newly repositioned teeth. Dr. Evans will advise you on the duration of your retainer therapy, but usually, patients should wear a retainer for several years.

Patients who live in Dallas, Irving, or any of the surrounding communities in Texas can be sure their braces needs will be taken care of by Dr. Scott Evans. To schedule an appointment, call 214-506-0054.